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About us

Our mission is to teach and inspire through the Quran.

At Quranic Circle, we want to give everyone, no matter what their circumstances, the opportunity to access the Quran directly without the need of a translator in order to appreciate its beauty and message. In doing so, we hope that it will give you direction and purpose in your lives.

Over years of teaching an array of different students from many different backgrounds, we have realised that people need a short concise program that is focused on accessing the Quran alone. The course has been developed and designed in such a manner that it can be taught within forty two weeks. It enables the student to access the Quran in the shortest time possible, focusing purely on the grammar and vocabulary that regularly repeats itself in the Quran, through clear and progressive exercises to facilitate and reinforce the student’s comprehension. 

We want everyone to benefit from our course and that is why it has been designed so that you do not even have to know how to write Arabic or understand it in anyway. The only prerequisite is that you can read the Quranic text.

This is a precious gift that you will cherish for the rest of your life and can share with your family and children from then on. 


Are you ready to come into the Quranic Circle and change your life forever? 

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