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‘Really inspired by the teaching method and the teacher shows real passion and professionalism throughout the course.’

‘I have studied Arabic before for a number of years with different teachers online and on the ground. This is the only course that put everything together for me. I found the teaching method motivating and engaging.’

‘Somehow I lose myself to the Arabic language for two hours in class. I feel blessed that we have such a course delivered at such a high level on our doorstep.’

‘It was beautiful to hear and learn what Allah tells us in the Quran and at the lessons affected my heart. It was like therapy for the soul every week.’

‘I have never learnt so much from a course before! It has changed the way I look at life and live it.’

‘Excellent - the first time I have been able to find a practical and efficient course that teaches me Arabic through the Qur'an. Every lesson was relevant and engaging.’

‘I have attended other Arabic courses and I struggled but there is an abundance of support on offer to ensure I never fell behind. The course does not feel like a burden. The classes are made light and enjoyable by the teacher’s passion.’

‘Arabic is a tough subject to teach. However Shaykh Idris made it look so simple, his love and passion for the subject was conveyed throughout each lesson, which inspired me to attend on a weekly basis.’

‘Sheikh Idris has produced a high quality course and is endlessly supportive and enthusiastic. The mysteries of the Quran and its language have opened up to me.’

‘It’s great for both beginners and those with past experience of studying Arabic, so whatever level you are at you will learn something new. Shaykh Idris is a brilliant teacher and I feel his own experience of studying Arabic from an English speaking background resonates with us because he explains things in a manner in which we can understand and relate to.’

‘The teacher teaches with a positive mental attitude which he reinforces throughout the course. For instance, rather than feeling discouraged by new rules, he suggests that we approach it with curiosity and excitement like we do with many new things in life. It was a different approach and this helped me in my Arabic as well as in my everyday life, too. It was encouraging to students at all levels.  He had an encouraging word to say to us all. Shaykh Idris is a motivating, encouraging, supportive and approachable teacher. I would definitely recommend the course for anyone wanting to learn Arabic.’

‘I always knew that the Quran had so much depth and meaning but having studied the Quranic Arabic course I now can fully appreciate that. This was the highlight for me. Now I am not only able to translate, but I can also read and understand a verse and appreciate the layers of meaning Allah has placed within it. Now I can contemplate whilst reading the Quran – that’s the beauty of this course. It helps you understand but also allows you to appreciate the Quran, leaving you with a feeling of closeness and connection with Allah.’

‘Before doing the course, a fully blown tafseer in English would have been necessary to stimulate my thinking, but I was completely taken aback that we had arrived at these understandings through the words of the Quran alone - and we had only scraped the surface as beginners! I liked the fact that he was approachable as a teacher. That is the single most important characteristic I look for in any teacher because I learn through questions. Having the ability to ask questions in class, online sessions and email is a big advantage on this course. I have been a student in environments where questions were limited due to the teacher’s negative approach to questions. I’m glad to say I’ve never experienced that on this course. His approach to teaching is highly motivating. It’s challenged a lot of my preconceptions of the learning process and changed my perception towards education and what it means to learn. I feel this has encouraged me to continue through the more difficult parts of the course.’

‘The structure of the course is its greatest strength as I have been able to move from understanding simple to more complex constructions through a carefully planned method that brings all the main rules and nuances of the language together. The pace includes a good balance of introducing us to new elements on a weekly basis alongside exercises to consolidate previous learning.  The online revision classes are invaluable and the fact that they can be accessed at a time that is convenient for the student is another support mechanism that helps to keep the student motivated. The atmosphere within lessons is always supportive and Shaykh Idris definitely creates a 'safe space' where everyone can make mistakes as they learn but without fear!  (Sajeeda/ Leeds)

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Shaykh Idris. His teaching and explanation manners are excellent. It was so easy to grasp. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to understand the Holy Quran better.  I can honestly say this course has opened my eyes to the beauty of the Holy.’

‘Every lesson had a highlight that got me thinking about the Arabic language, the Quran and Allah in a more profound way. One specific moment I recall was when we translated a sentence which was a play on Aasiyah’s prayer in the Quran: 66/11.’

‘I realized in an instance that the translated English could not come close to the original Arabic. The choice of words gave subtle meanings that enriched the prayer beyond the scope of a translation.’

‘I was reciting Surah Mulk and understood the ayah in Arabic.  I checked the translation and was stoked that I had actually got it right! My intention for doing the course was to understand Allah’s word and this gave me increased confidence and a sense of satisfaction.’

‘If you’re thinking of studying Quranic Arabic, then this is the course you need to choose. Especially with Shaykh Idris as the teacher. His teaching style of Arabic is not like one I have come across before. Personally although I am finding this course a challenge, I am amazed that I have stuck with it for this long! This is down to the teaching style that Shaykh Idris has, the level of support and resources he has offered us throughout the course and the fact that as hard as the lessons are, I genuinely and thoroughly enjoy sitting in and participating in the lessons each week. I’m able to recognize the overall progress I’ve made over the duration of the course and I’m also able to recognize the concepts which I’ve grasped and concepts which I still need to work on. The most exciting thing that I’ve experienced is that when I’m now reading the Quran in Arabic I’m able to recognize and understand the meaning of words I never knew before. This course has truly given me a deeper connection with the Quran.’

‘I recently shared my experience with someone who has been studying on another Arabic course for nearly twice as long and I realized that not only had we covered more in terms of content, but we had done so more confidently. I would recommend this course to anyone who has very little or no knowledge about Arabic but wants to change this.  When I open the Holy Quran now and read it alongside my English translation it is a completely different experience - I am fully engrossed and find myself wanting to delve deeper.  The course says it aim is to connect you to the Holy Quran and it does that without any doubt!!’
(Sajeeda/ Leeds)

Great course



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